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Refund Policy

User will make the payment to Enrmarketresearch as mentioned on the website. client is responsible for use, sales, and related taxes and customs.

Once the user makes a purchase decision, it cannot be undone. The user should make it clear to get in touch with Enrmarketresearch, in case of any doubt related to the transaction.

Enrmarketresearch does not accept return of products after delivery owing to the nature and format of the data. However, under certain circumstances, we can offer refunds solely at its discretion.

  • Comprehensive Research

    Offers Penetrative insights & holistic understanding of the market

  • Data Accuracy & Reliability

    Strictly follows the Research Methodology for flawless results

  • Competitive Pricing

    Ensure the best and affordable pricing

  • Security & Confidentiality

    All your transactions are secured end-to-end, ensuring a satisfactory purchase